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Bliss N Eso

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Date de parution : 12/06/2009

Durée : 0:03:41

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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From a crooked cottage on the hill,
I can see tomorrow's rain
Rumble through destiny,
Down a sleepy hollow lane
If we're all merely players
In a play on this great stage
The problem is the script writers
Ain't on the same page

I echo through the mountain
When i'm singing in the air
From my lab,
A lad with lavish lyrics,
Living in his lair

I just write in my haven,
Set the challenge so to speak
Recite it to my raven
Like edgar allan poe-try
I've been serving gems,
With a thin swerving pen
Transcribe the world
I see through a tim burton lens
To the grim certain end,
These rebels stay proud
Hear the levels way loud
At the devil's playground

From my tower at sunset,
I watch all the misled
Slow motion,
Human lemmings
Running off cliff's edge
With this said,
Let's get free from their grasp
Cuz there's no path
To peace ya'll,
Peace is the path

So i chill under the artic
With my mellow cup of tea
And broadcast transmissions
From my yellow submarine
I've been trekking this trail
Since the earth was born
I sail my black pearl
Through this world's perfect storm

See every night
Through my eyes is a window
I watch life pass by
Like the wind blows
And when i turn from my mirror
That's my intro
To step into this life
With my mic and some inspiration
Please forgive me
For my sins though
When i'm alone
In the dark
Left in limbo
I light a though
Like the spark to my indo
Forever put it down
For my art and my kinfolk

I'm in a field full of flowers,
I'm 'a bring it back by dinner
I'm the skill,
I'm the power
I'm a silverback gorilla
You steal a caterpillar,
Thinking you killer raps are iller
So while you beef
I'm fishing, writing, chilling
By the river

So let me introduce you
To my castle of calligraphy
The lights are on,
We're all at home,
We march to a new symphony
That mad hatter
Of that motion music
Whose liquid lyricism
Leaves the oceans moonlit
So my pirate ship can set sail
Through the sun, rain, snow or hail
Cuz there's something 'bout to happen
Like there's something in the wind
On a quest without a vast
Like i'm huckleberry finn

So call me that book
With a spectacular twist
Cuz even hogwarts
Ain't seen magic like this
See i'm that author
In the addict
That'll liberate the mind
With a bird's eye view
Trying to illustrate time,
I was born ready


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