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Date de parution : 08/10/2013

Durée : 0:05:

Style : Alternative

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Hear the choir sing your pain.
Let them grief for a while,
Coz' they have heard the story told.
And all the lies that everyone discuss

Leave this rose on your grave.
See it freeze and die.
Never had a chance to bloom,
They cut it down too early just like you.
I close my eyes, i feel your hand in mine,
My friend i'll wish you peace.

Whose decision it is to make?
Who can stay and who'll they take

Though you had to go
I can't hear you cry.
How did you face your death?
People can fall but memory goes on
How did you face your death?

Can't except the destiny of yours.
Those beasts don't even have remorse.

Whose decision...

Though you had to go...

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