Paroles de Destiny (outro)

Ja Rule

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Date de parution : 12/11/2002

Durée : 0:02:07

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Yo yo yo yo yo
Last temptation
(ooo ooo)
Comin' through now niggas
It's a problem
It's a problem
Always has been
(ha ha ha)
Yo buck
Turn me up a lil' bit in my motherfuckin' headphones and shit
Come on and let these niggas know
(let them know)

Motherfuckers you'll want war wit the god
(come on)
Ya'll know betta
I put holes in ya leatha'
Reknit 'cha sweata'
And i bet the floors wetta'
Than ocean front property
Betta come at me properly

Niggas betta off poppin' me
(niggas betta off poppin' me)
But i believe ya'll scared to clap from hammers
(but i believe)
And the fact that i'm unpredictable gives me the advantage
What the fuck am i speakin' spanish niggas?
Have i gotta tell ya'll in detail how we murder niggas?
(murder niggas)

Handin' your business
The inc is religous
Murder is the sacrafice
We throwin' em's niggas
That means murder for life
(murder for life)
And i'm die fo that red and black
The house wit the cheddah stack

And the smiles on my kids faces
What to replace this
This little nigga here ta come with grips with death and taste it
My air's thick and filled with hatred
Suprised that they look in my eyes?
(well don't be)
I'm just followin' the footsteps the lord done paved me
(hey hey hey)

If i go crazy it's the same
I'ma blame it on the world for what i became
(hey hey hey)
'cuz they gave me all the fame and the money name
The million icon so the world can catch a nigga wit his lights on
(hey hey hey)
That's the pros and cons
You never quite free

But just give me a little room so i can breathe
(ooo ooo oo)
And my pain goin' be the death for me
But to be loved is my destiny
My black people
(black people)

We out
(ooo ooo oo)
Ooo ooo oo
Ooo ooo oo
Ooo ooo oo

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