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Date de parution : 25/03/2014

Durée : 0:03:23

Style : R&B/Soul

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I'm usually not use to this
I just had to tell you what it is
So dont worry bout' who i'm runnin' with
When we get older you gon' have all my kids
I never had a love like you before and i mean it
Your the one that's in my dream's
I just want her badder than beyoncè
Not wildin' out at partie's
Don't like girl's who like me
But, yeah

I'm fuckin' with you tonight, even if it takes all night (x4)
Shawty (x13)

If you were mine
I'd swim ocean wide
Just to be by your side
Girl i'm serious
And there's no need to flex
Girl i put you a mix
I would more than you say
Girl i'm serious

I don't want beyonce
And i don't want michelle
You know who you are
You're my superstar
And she sees more than a star
In me


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