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My life it was not with my permission
My destiny it was not clear all the times
I prayed to push it in several ways
But decisions are hard at that stage

You are not allowed to decide your day
It was written to start the game
Scripted to end one on one day
So wait for the day and give your best

This isn't a great journey
Cause, the path is not mine
Mom she was the reason to me
Dad he lighten me with the path
Now i am at a time in time not feeling good
Afraid to start a loving darkpath carrying the past
Believing that

When the time is not yours
Why to bend for the clock
Stop the crap and start your day
And the world will bend for you

The day when you love the sun to wake you up
Is the time you love your clock not to stop
And the day you hate the moon that sets you down
Will be the time you are loving to live your day