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There is something you don't seem to control/ but it's part of your existence/ grown in your life, born in your life/ and older than you/ you can't react against it/ you can't announce it/ there is a time when you get to know/ that it's made for you// it invades you are you are rebel no more/ it finally orders your life/ and you understand: there are things that must be done/ (things ordered by a natural law)// you cannot choose another way/ if you don't accept you'll die/ and i won't recognise you/ and i won't recognise your actions/ in this chaos of modern world/ it is the only consolation/ it gives a sense to all this confusion/ it's indispensable to life// it's so natural...// destiny makes our life a battle/ destiny, slowly we become/ destiny gives the world a measure/ destiny creates and sets out// there is no judgment in your future/ there is only your route/ you will find no anguish/ you'll find only action/ no god will send you to hell/ because you god-made or dead/ will determine your being/ and in your destiny it is written// destiny that is already drawn/ destiny that wants to be fulfilled/ there's only one destiny in your life/ the rest is your death and another life// destiny...//

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