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I write these words as witness to the crime
You throw them back and say the crime is mine
I balance life and death, now you deny
I read these words aloud and watch you die
I sit and watch you die

Your flesh will feed my land
One day you'll understand
I breed thee, i feed thee
You bite the hand that feeds thee

Protect me, reject me
Spat out and resurrect me
Belie me, deny me
Then rape and crucify me

Destroyed and damned

Your soul as mist and dust
Old bones powdered and crushed
You gut me and fuck me
You burn and you insult me

Pollute me, uproot me
The treason absolutely
Deface me, embrace me
You strangle then erase me

Destroyed and damned

If you know not what you do
If you gamble, will you lose?
If you're guilty of the crime
Do you live or do you die?
I sit and watch you die

The sands of time will fade
Can't stop the life decay
I raise thee, disgrace me
Insanity replace thee

Impale me, inhale me
Your lungs begin to fail me
You eat me, deplete me
An endless overloading

Destroyed and damned
Destroyed and damned

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