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Date de parution : 15/09/2009

Durée : 0:03:34

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Miniscule, simple, lingering reasons to be alive
Couldn't come to grips with running in circles from nine to five
It's a little bit ridiculous thinking that this is fine
Make a reading of my being by seeing into my eyes
I've been fine with the silence so far
Been so quiet at times, i forget where you are
It's not what i wanted, and who wants to be forgotten?
Never thought that all this nonsense could be part of what is rotten
It's the combination of abominations
And the viruses spreading all across the nation
We've been sinking in the quicksand, while we stick to his plan
If this man and this man don't get along we disband
I'm sick of illiterates in positions that benefit
All the ignorant little kids while they're building this edifice
Representing the betterment of their sediment settlement
While their rhetoric's evident of a prevalent relevance
To neanderthals, can't we all just get along and live under the same roof?
And who will be the first to figure out it isn't rain proof?
The same who betrayed you and swayed you to leave
They've been trained in the ways to deceive
I'm not a fan of fading languages, much less discrepancy
Learn how to speak before you message me
Up from another exposed distance with a vision
To be different than these regular conditions, we
Move along to be safe from the fire's spread
Until we gather all our bearings and we try again
Desire sets in the best men first, and we'll never know
The end if all the rest get worse, see
I've been conversing with this planet and her better side
And what she said is if we let her die, it's genocide
A friend of mine expressed concern for our betterment
Which changed my mind on what ive learned about the medicine,

Here's a little thing that i love to watch you learn about
By word of mouth, i've blurted out these things that you're concerned about
So get in line and take a number
Wait inside, sit there and wonder
Cause now's the time for the eternal slumber
It won't be fine, we're humanities last blunder

D - e - t - e - r - i - o - r - a - t - i - n - g
I see you're
D - e - t - e - r - i - o - r - a - t - i - n - g
I see you're
D - e - t - e - r - i - o - r - a - t - i - n - g
I see you're
D - e - t - e - r - i - o - r - a - t - i - n - g
I see you're
D - e - t - e - r - i - o - r - a - t - i - n - g
I see you're
D - e - t - e - r - i - o - r - a - t - i - n - g

Well i'm writing of my own accord, i've sold the source
And i cannot tell you who can show you more
So just close the door and walk away
I'd like to help you but today is just not the day
I've lost the way to talk to everyone around me
And i tend to walk in circles on the way to different counties
It's astounding, everyone who's ever had a thing to say
Has never been too clear like they were living on a different page
It's been this way for every year i've lost a bit of sanity
I try to gather more and throw away the things you've handed me
I plan to be a man who's standing on the brink of letting go
The secret's all around me but i guess i wasnt set to know
This metronome is giving out improper beats per minute
Unless it's just my mind and time is losing ground within it
It's infinite, all the limits that just kick in when i'm finished
So i listen, but i miss it 'cause the sound must be diminished
I administer a sinister cadence around my rhetoric
You said that it's a menace, i consider it just medicine
Like sedatives for everyone that listens to this music
I choose to see a soothing type of view for when i use it
If i ever thought this music could so much of a gift
I'd have probably started writing songs while tucked into my crib
Looking back, i'm glad it wasn't hopeless
The more i'd focus, the more doors would open
And all the little mrs. robinson's were dropping hints
Promising the world in order to reward all my accomplishments
I watched this remaining safe in the distance
Ready to break in an instant but stayed to wait for assistance
The makeshift beds made out of a park bench
Stuck waiting, patience had taken my common sense
Ready to strike at any deal that i liked
Never reading the fine print, almost signed away my life

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