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(d.j. u-neek - intro)
(man: hey nigga you ready for me to get on this uh... unseen faith stuff man?) i mean yeah, it's all up to you. you gotta be determined to bring this vision into your life bro'! if god has put something on your heart, it's up to you to take the faith and bring this thing into reality. (man: ok, i feel you, i feel you!) i mean you gotta be determined by all means necessary! you gotta bring the unseen to the scene. you know what i mean? (man: yeah!)

(layzie bone)

You need the basic information before you can leave earth in the b-i-b-l-e is the source of the true word. some choices they do hurt, faith was there without work. from the minute you was birth, you only find out when you search. i'm preparin' for the worst but strive for the best, it's survival of the fittest. i'm alive so i'm blessed. with eyes bearing witness while i'm prayin' for forgiveness. i'ma give it all i got from the start to the finish! (finish, finish)


Oooh, every day we pray, (we pray) yes we pray! (yes we pray, pray) oooh, every day we pray, (we pray) yes we pray! (yes we pray, pray) you must need determination, determination. don't let distractions replace it - you can make it! you must be strong and be patient! (you must be patient) 'cause it must be determination, determination.

(krayzie bone)
I'm tryin' to make it to the finish line, (finish line) but i'm cursed in the worst way, satan was a friend of mine. (yeah!) 'til i woke up and i realized (realized) association with the fakers and haters i had to minimize. have ya seen the bad side of a gemini? it isnt really that vibe between him and i. nigga die, bye, 'til i rise to the occasion. determined that i make it, no matte what i'm facin'!


We all poor with god giving purpose and that's served! and everybody got work to put in for the lord. see we nutin but servants (servants) whos goal is to move forward gotta be strong and determined to march forward. every night i just simpley go backwards. swear that i refuse to lose, man that's a fact. life is like a war and you prolly loose a few battles if you let them, they'll send you up a creek without a paddel.

(wish bone)
If you dream it you can reach it fast. determination is a hustle wit a good plan, understand? set some goals, grab a hold, on your toes, cos rest only comes to the dead and goneand a nigga leaves everytime the sun comes up, life is full of deeds and the trials but you can run with them, defently its coine its a phase you cant run from, listen to the wise you might make it past stage one, ignoriate, dont ever step out in the cold (cold)

Once in your heart then there's nothing can stand in your way... (determination!) determination! (x2)

(bizzy bone)
Determination we pray, (..?..?..?..?..?..?..?..?) and in the rhythem we lay, (...?..?..?..?..?..?) give me the strength, (..?..?..?..?..?..?..?..?) cupid (..?..?..?..?..?..?)

(bizzy is just too fast no clue whats his saying sorry haha)


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