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Black Gold

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Date de parution : 05/05/2009

Durée : 0:04:04

Style : Alternative

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Soft lies on your empty face
A life in you has gone away
Sympathies go round and round
A hand full helps it all go down

Day fades away
Can't stay awake
Alone in this empty place

There's no time
To she'd your fear
But don't expect
That i'll be here

I wonder where you are
Locked on the inside
I wonder where your thoughts are
Out of the daylight
I wonder who you are
Fallen so far to be nowhere
Whatever made you think so
I wonder where you are

Dark eyes make you snap up straight
Red hands wash the sleep away
Sifting through the white on white
Underneath the failing light

They fade away
Can't stay away
Alone in this empty place

There's no time
To rest my eyes
Cause you'll be gone
Before i rise

Chorus (x2)

It's hard to cope
Please let me go
To stop this rush overflow
The night has come
And now i'm home

Chorus (x2)

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