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Date de parution : 10/05/1993

Durée : 0:02:24

Style : Rock

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I didnt know what time it was until the sun went down
Detroit mild on the bus downtown last i was fighting on the street
But tonight i have a girl next to me in this cold world she brings me heat
I got a good feeling in a bad city tonight i gotta goood feeling
Everything's gonna be alright some run some fight
Detained in illegal custody spent the night in jail with a
Drunken priest and a hooker $500 bail nobody knew who
Was who standing in the street like that i hit the ground
To make a sound -chours- bus droped me off and i had to cough
I couldnt breath 'cause i got ripped off i couldnt realise
By being satisfied 'cause it runs so thin and thats why
Im pissed off we had no money we had time she had the
Champagne i had the cisco wine she said do you want to come
You better hurry because we'll have hell to pay

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