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Screaming ooh no!
Olivia yeah

Screaming uno, dos, chucking up the dueces,
Me giving you another chance that would be foolish.
I admit i was gone but the sex was mediocre,
Cant believe all this time thought you were getting over!
Had a good girl but you prefere the groupies
Instead of my middle finger boy, i drop the dueces
I'm just tired of the foolish games you playing.
They call me olivia and this is what i'm saying

Ohoh ohoh ooh ohoh ooh ooh deuces
Told you that i'm leaving deuces

I know you mad but so what
You spent a couple bucks,
You know i just dont really give a f***

I'm on some new s***, chucking up my deuces up to him
I'm moving on to something better, he still drives a beretta
No more trying to make it work.
He makes me wanna say bye bye,
Keep one on the side, keep one on the side for real (x2)
Only real f*** bit**** keep it real

2nd verse:
Since we talking twos
And breezy talkin deucez
When you go to cop for me
I like my shoes and deucez
She might get some time
But the coop i drive it ruthless
Ladies max his credit card
If he think you stupid
All of that is for the birds
You aint nothing but a vulture ah ah ah
You can go and lay with them birds
But credit boy that's gon cost ya

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