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Date de parution : 18/06/2010

Durée : 0:05:

Style : Rock

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Come on down from the top of the mountain, flowing
Doing the slow slide into town, keep on going
Darkness dancers get down, heavily hoping
Stroking the stone soul, loving, drinking and doping

You might feel me burning all night
Like a blind moth looking for color in the lights
Dance in the spotlight, i feel alright
Just my devil, just my devil delight

I've seen those midnight ladies just for the moment's using
Yeah, she keep on playing, never know whether she's losing it
He got those sexy green eyes, clicking the trigger, no warning
And it's all gonna come rolling back in the morning

You might feel me burning all night
Like a dirty demon daughter, don't put up no fight
Dance in the spotlight, i'm alright
Just my devil, oh he is my devil delight, ooh, ooh yeah

Lover and fool, glass and jewel, the potion
Comedy, tragedy, making the game, emotion
He says, on your toes, do the gambling roll for your fortune
He said, for love from up above to the ocean, ocean

Oh yeah, you better help me baby
I seen, ooh babe, i know
I see my devil, the devil
The devil, the devil
You better help me baby
I seen the devil
You better help me
The devil, the devil, the devil

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