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Suzy Quatro

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Well at the age of 5
They can do their jive
Down in devil gate drive.
And at the age of 6
They're gonna get their kicks
Down in devil gate drive.
Well your mama don't know
Where your sister done go
She gone down to the drive
She's the star of the show
And let her move on up
Let her come let her go
She can jive

Down in the devil gate drive
So come alive, come alive down in the ....

When they reach their teens
That's when they all get mean
Down in devil gate drive.
When i was sweet sixteen
I was the juke box queen
In devil gate drive
I led the angel pack on the road to sin
Knock down the gates, let me in,
Don't mess me 'round
'cause you know where i've been
To the dive.

Down in devil gate

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