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Joe Budden

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(bridge: novel)
Last night i heard a voice say i'll be getting it my own way
I think i'm falling of the deep end so i haven't been sleepin'
Last night i heard a voice in my head
Said it's an emergency, said he had some work for me

(verse 1: joe budden)
He said fuck the world or maybe he said it in jest
I told him that i already did multiple times
Truthfully i wasn't never impressed
But to contradict that matter again
To the point where nothing matters again
More money, more problems, more cases, more lawyers involved
And more fame just means more paranoia involved
I done made friends, lost friends, same hour
Tried to use my troops as a means to gain power
Uh, same tricks, same cowards
Why i be like fuck any nigga that ain't ours
Never slipping, never threatened
I think they forgetting for a second non-fiction ain't a weapon
Thoughts could be hypnotic, nah, just neurotic
Called oft psychotic, floored by off logic, but i got this
(hook: joe budden)
Last night i saw the devil sitting in my room
And we greeted with a smile
Said that he had been there for a while
Last night i heard the devil talking in my head
Said this is an emergency, said he had some work for me
He said

(verse 2: joe budden)
He said one day your friends gon' be your demise
Said a few of 'em is me in disguise
Deceit in his eyes, said i like the teaching me wise
But the leeches i don't need in my life, please be advised
Real coy, listening, still annoyed
Said these hoes fill a void, all hoes, you still a boy
Said you searching, you don't know what to do
You thinking you fucking 'em when really they fucking you
Look, said they see you on feats
Said you give the love to the ones that need it the least
But wait, you can't put me on trial for my errors
I learned, trial and error, the how i couldn't tell ya
You talking to the realest, nah, just a realist
Nah, you just a nigga don't recognize what the real is
Thoughts could be hypnotic, thoughts get out of pocket
You'll be powerless, get lost, you try to stop it, i got this

(verse 3: crooked i)
He said what you doing this music for, i got news for ya
If you don't sell your soul to me
Then you just gon' ruin your future, bruh
See, i just cracked open this goose
And i mixed that elixir with juice
Then i was introduced with lucifer
In a dark room, his tongue as sharp as a harpoon
We started discussing things
He told me about his minions and his underlings
Told me that he was gepetto of the ghetto
Had snake niggas on his puppet strings
Taught him betrayal and other schemes
He ain't new to this, he true to this, said he been doing this
Since jesus was crossed for thirty pieces of silver
And he sealed the deal with a judas kiss
When ceasar was stabbed in the back
He was the one who placed the knife in brutus fist
Now he got his hands in our music biz
Told me to ignore the war and the poor
Aim my music more towards the whores and drug lords
And the fans are pourin' through the doors
Sell out my tours, get awards galore
I told him i just wanted to be the modern day marvin gaye
He said you might wanna rethink that
Cause i know where your father stay
I'll possess him to pick up the chrome
Pop you in the dome for trying to tell the people for what's going on
He said that's where you're going wrong
It's more demons than angels in this biz, you're on your own
Wanna hit the big screens switch your sixteens
Get some slim jeans, get your big dreams
Or make your wrist gleam, get your big cream, hope you're listening
I just had to switch to his team, uh, it was tempting
The contract was in blood
He said i know you sick of trafficking drugs - sign it
Nah, i got this

I think the weed started fucking with a nigga

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