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He took a sip from the whisky jar and had a stern look on his face
He shot a glance to the man behind the bar
And said i hear the devil comes through this place
The man looked shocked and he looked confused
And then decided to go along
He said, well sir i guess i'd be lying if i told you that you were wrong
Took another sip, and pulled out a gun, and set it down between the two
I hear he comes through around this time, sir, is that true
The man shook his head and reached for a glass
And set it down on the bar
He said, you know mister when people go looking for him
They don't have to look too far
And he said

I'm the one that'll bring him down
Said i'm the name he fears
I've been running down that son of a bitch
For the better part of my years
Then said

I'm gonna make him pay, pay for what he'd done
I'm gonna make him pay, pay for what he'd done

The man at the bar poured another glass, then asked just what he did
Said he stole my wife, and she stole my son one night and just disappeared
Then my brother one day, we drank too much, hit a tree and now he's dead
Now my life's just pissed away and i curse him for what he did
Sounds to me like you're chasin a ghost, if i might be so bold
Grabbed the man by the throat, put the gun to his head and said
What do you know
A shot rang out and somebody screamed, then everybody hit the floor
Shot a man down that tried to run, fell right in front of the door
And said

I'm gonna make him pay, pay for what he'd done
I'm gonna make him pay, pay for what he'd done

Now ladies and gentlemen, i'm gonna make this quick
He said with a hardened look
I expect you to tell me just when to expect that no good coward crook
The people looked on but none said a word, you could hear a pin fall
He looked back at the bar, and said if you don't speak up
It's going to be last call
Hit a man, and he grabbed his girl, said fine then, this one's through
Sir wait, is this a joke
I mean sir, the devil is... you

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