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I've woken up in a gutter
I've woken up in a bed
I've woken up in the county jail
Let me tell you you're better off dead
If you knew, do do do do you now
100 miles an hour all through the night, yo officer i'm being polite

Livin in reno, staying in a cheap motel
Got in a fistfight there with a man from louisville
And i let him win, yea yea yea let him win
He stunk more than a pound of swiss, all showin off for his little miss

I bought a pound of grass from a reknowned sioux
He aint seen the tv since 1892
And that's the truth, do do do do you dig
Better tell him what you want he hates the white man but money talks uh huh

I met a woman outside of la
I ordered whiskey she ordered fillet
And i paid, do do do do you love me
Kissin with bourbon lips the more you drink the more you piss and miss

Devil comes over the radio
Says my days are numbered, got 3 to go
And i know that lying son-of-a-bitch
Wants me to get my kicks so my soul is his
Still gonna do whatever till the day i die
Which might be tomorrow, could be tonight
Oh baby when i say that my love is gone
It don't mean i don't wanna play you a song, but..

*..x3 minusing a day each time and speeding up..*

Devil comes over the radio
Says my days are up, its time to go
And i know that dirty son-of-a-bitch
Is here to take me away from this...

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