Paroles de Devil take the hindmost (quartet)

Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Gustave: oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh oh.
Stage-hands: ready on the rail?
Ready on the rail!
Raoul: will she sing? will she flee? what is she thinking now? is it him? is it me? devil take the hindmost.
Stage-hands: ready on the floor?
Ready on the floor!
Gustave(in the backround): oh oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh.
Raoul: will she stay? will she go?
Phantom: obey your heart and sing for me! you want it so!
Raoul: does she know? even know?
Phantom: stay and be mine eternally!
Raoul: please christine! stop the show!
Raoul&phantom: devil take the hindmost. now, it's time so make your choice! do it for our son! use your head, no time to wait. hesitate, we're all undone.
Stage-hands: ready in the pit?
Ready in the pit!
((chorus 3x))
Madam giry: perhaps she won't go on.
Phantom: obey your heart
Raoul: will she stay? will she go?
Madam giry: perhaps her voice won't serve.
Phantom: and sing for me!
Raoul: does she know?
Madam: giry: and she will fail him now
Phantom: you, me, the child.
Raoul: even now.
Madam giry: and then my child and i
Phantom: eternally
Raoul: please christine.
Madam giry: will get what we deserve!
Raoul: stop the show!
Madam giry&raoul&phantom: devil take the hindmost!
Madam giry&raoul&phantom: now it's time, no turning back, all is on the line. here it is, the final dance. one last chance, to get what's mine!

Madam giry: i hope christine's worthy of you, and i hope her singing makes up for what your blindness has done to meg and me.
Meg: devil take the hindmost...
Stage-hand: and curtian!

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