Paroles de Devils eye contact

Anthony Mendez

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I think you were right
Giving you the benefit of doubt
Busted and out of lucktonight
Expectedme to be found by now
I'm still off on that distant cloud
Wearing my leather jacket,walking proud
Passed that convenientstore, totake another look
Searching for all answers, inthe jungle book

If you stare at something long enough
You just might get it
Pretend it didn't happen
Just maybe you'll forget it

All dayshe sells faces for mary kay
Building up a dream
Scraping by another day
At night she works in thecheckout line
Smiles hello, buying time
We try to be ordinary
Cause bets are sure to be a fools game
Hearts get robbed, point fingers to blame

If you stare at something long enough
You just might get it
Now pretend it didn't happen
Pray baby, you'll forget it

So when you feel the rain, it's me
The water got too heavy to hold
And if it's snowing, you'llknow i've gone cold
Every time that domesticdog barks, the storm is coming
The leash holdshim back,from a place he shouldn't berunning
To a place where strays nevercome back
Where a blind man loses his soul to the devils eye contact

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