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Date de parution : 25/02/1997

Durée : 0:04:21

Style : Alternative

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Hey, is this what i deserve?
The killing me is over
And i guess i got it right well maybe that's because
I tried so many times
And so i say i didn't mean i
It doesn't matter now
And even though i didn't really like
The way you showed me how
C'mon now, you know they'll walk you through it
It never seems to satisfy at all
You come around but you know they'd see right through it
You're too busy reeling from the fall
Unsympathetic eyes watch you every time you dive
They're laughing while they say you'll never learn
And seems so well disguised but the failure still arrives
They're thinking that you'll never see this turn
This pathetic guy feels it every time he dives
He's laughing because he knows he'll never learn
And he seems so well disguised but the failure still arrives
He's sinking because he'll never see his turn

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