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Dead Moon

pochette album Diamonds in the rough
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Date de parution : 10/07/1995

Durée : 0:03:4

Style : Rock

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Rivers of sorrow, diamonds in the rough
Everything you wanted and it still ain't enough
Load it in the chamber, fire point black
If it don't make change, it don't make rank
I'm not ready

Strike in silence, witnesses denied
If we all take the backseat, who's gonna drive
Eye on america, justice is blind
If we're so far ahead, how come we're running behind
I'm not ready

I'm not ready to let go
I'm not ready for stereo
I'm not ready to give in
I'm not ready to start again
I'm not ready to be controlled
I'm not ready to be so-so
I'm not ready to calm down
I'm not ready to leave this town

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