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Sunrise Avenue

pochette album Diamonds
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Date de parution : 29/11/2006

Durée : 0:03:14

Style : Rock

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You woke up to hate your life again
Feeling its all been said and seen today
Woke up to fake your smile again
Youre not the one, youre not the one

You feel bittersweet when others win
You'd rather see them fall than gain a thing
You know youre too afraid to fail
Youre not the one, youre not the one

Slowly, slowly, more away 'cause

Maybe the diamonds are not for everyone
Maybe the lie you live is really all they want
You stay silent, watching all dreams around you fading
Slowly, slowly, slowly more away

I cant believe a thing you say
Can you? the words dont come out easily
I cant believe its all right to cry for what you've never lost
Youre not the one

Slowly, slowly more away 'cause


Slowly, slowly, slowly more away from you


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