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Five Finger Death Punch

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Date de parution : 30/07/2013

Durée : 0:04:4

Style : Rock

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Looking back i still have so many questions
So many things unanswered
Like what did i do?
What could i do?
Was there ever a moment you cared?

Or was i always ugly and abandoned
Remember all the times you wished me harm
You wished me dead
How can i have changed to make it better?
And would i?
Would i?
Would i?

I still feel so much hate inside of me
Seems like you were just waiting for me to fail
I'm sorry i can't forgive you
Do you blame me?
You never forgave me

I've tried to grow from this
Every day's a new challenge
Because with you, there is just no winning
Like it is not i'm still a part of you
And you're still a part of me

Like it or not
You're still a part of me

So this is how it ends
All the tears, all the blood
It's all been for nothing
As the candle dwindles, then flickers out
In the end

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