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Do you know a mutha fucka who faking?
Acting like they really want it with you
But you know they dont really want it with you
They just running they dick sucka's

You just running your dick sucka x2
You dont want it with me nigga
You just running your dick sucka x3
You dont want it with me nigga
You just running your dick sucka

Heard you said my name cuz
Must forgot what my name was
I dont play with fuck niggas
Keep one up in my chamber
You know what im bout
So guess what i dont blam yah
Fuck with me and ill paint ya
Come wrong im gonna stank ya
Send one up in ur singa
Leave your ass in that langer
Dumped off by them rikkas
Shot up some dissent
Keep telling people we beefin
You betta have a good reason
Them ak's in season
And fuck nigga you preaching


Pop pop pop pop that the sound of them yoppa's
Lil nigga you pussy ill make you call them copper's
Have your little ass eating hollows
Have your best friend with them doctor's
You play around with lame niggas
You dont play around with no robbers
I'll make your ass press charges
Spit at ya with that carbon
You about it nigga you'll do it nigga
Fuck nigga you flagin
Fuck niggas be dodging
Real niggas get it popping
In the club nigga im gooned up
Bitch lets get it started


Promise your little ass
Ill show you something you aint seen
30 niggas with black chucks
And all of em with them beams
Guarantee when we finished boy
Yellow tape on the scene
If a nigga ever said he did something
He must did it in his dreams
Fuck niggas just talk loud
Thats how you know they green
Ask niggas that really know me
Ask niggas about my team
I be ran down on them niggas alleys
With them bananas hang out them things
You just running your mouth nigga
You already heard bout me


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