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(verse 1: ab-soul)


Still trying to get this loose leaf, lift my legal tender
Til it's tall enough to reach god's slipper, whatchu think?
Big dipper nigga quite the constellation 'cross the nation
So a head i graduated then came to your culmination
Like my little sistas, but these rappers smoke tender
No pen i don't bowl nigga, you whack on ball like a ego
When you small as gnomes and trolls nigga
Mediocre, novice
Go salt, garlic
I'm big willy, you craw-fish
Flow silly, retarded
Gimme a helmet, like i play for the vikings i be (what?)
Rollin' up that poison ivy, and i don't look at it at all
If it ain't fulla tetrahydracannibol, i'm an cannibal dawg
Jeffrey dahmer pull your skin off if you look at me wrong, it'll turn me on
I'mma turn this up like a thermostat when its cold as fuck
Am i cold or what? i'mma cobra, venomous
Bad to the bone, break all your ligaments
Everybody gettin' it, ain't nobody innocent
In your pinnacle is benefittin' zero for your penmanship
A missle in a barrel and i'm splittin your apparel
Red light, help! we'll sing carols
Vernacular stupid, you're inadequate foolishness tickles my amusement
Don't know if i'm an artist or a harvard law student
But i passed bars, like kids in candy stores
I'm a carnivore and i are the best, absolutely genuine
When it comes to synonyms, i'm a thesaurus rex
Read more, learn more, change the globe
Don't let no one tell you no, yes you can the more you know
You understand how much you don't understand, so now you know
I ain't the pope, but listen what i taughtcha i ain't gon' cross ya, hope i ain't lost ya
I found my utopia, little ciroc, little fruitopia
I spit opium, cut ya up, fill the room up with sodium

Oh lets do it
Oh lets do it
Dictionary music
That intelligent shit i influence
I approve it, dictionary music, yaaaaaaaaa

Cataclysmic words, pattern thrash em with the verb
I put passion in my work, ethic stretch ya like a paramedic
Mashin' through yo' turf, even if your habitats obscure
I'll surely make it out alive, precisely how i did at birth
You're miniature, minuscule, i'm a minister, april fools!
I like literature luchini, indica and fried zucchini
Where my niggas with they beanies on, cocked like a mockingbird
I'm sharp enough to correct a correctional officer
Carp ya like a carpenter, barbecue your body parts
I bet waka flocka flame never met a charizard
Barbarian that sumaritan, neanderthal
A package of blacks, a package of matches, and a can of aerosol
No time for no r and r, that sativa got me up
Northen california grown, just to state the obvious
And i'm omnipotent as god, get you bible
And bring your rifle to revival, okay lets do it

Shoutout to webster!

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