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Young Buck

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Date de parution : 29/09/2009

Durée : 0:04:14

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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Oh so everybody out here rich now?
All these rappers wanna talk about how much money they got, how much work they done flipped
I don't see none a' you niggaz out here, nigga i'm out here for real
A nigga tell you my life is real nigga what?

Since everybody rich now
Fuck it i'm broke
All these rappers talking bricks now
I got the dope
I got murder on my mind
And niggaz tryna murda me
Bright like a bounty hunter blood in all burgundy
Gangsta like a crip hollerin cuz you done heard a' me
Standin over this stove won't these niggaz worry me
Can't no rapper bury me
I be trappin thoroughly
Freeway ricky ross be home in the march
I got it all together
Aint nothin fell apart
Be lyin if i sit here and act like this shit aint hard
They tellin me "celebrity"
"buck you a celebrity"
But if i don't eat, that put my kids life in jeopardy
All this fuckin jealousy
I'm buyin all this weaponry
And i'm listenin to ever word that t.i. tellin me
And i'm flippin every last bird jeezy sellin me
I'm talkin bout the music
Can't charge me with no felony

Tell me did ya miss me?
Ya miss me?
They miss me
Well i'm back
I'm back
Tell me did ya miss me?
Ya miss me?
They miss me (x2)
Well i'm back (x8)
I know these people miss me

Since everybody ballin' now
Fuck it i'm not
All these rappers on these private jets
I'm on the block
Fuck a watch fuck a chain
Fuck a phantom fuck a range
Gimme life and this mic
And i'ma do the damn thang
I'm insaneee!!
Crazy bout the money
All these traps made a nigga relapse
They see me and they wonder damn does he still rap?
He out here with the goons so ya gotta feel that
What happened to the morals
When niggaz had rules
You had to put in work and pay ya dues or ya lose
Now niggaz is confused
Cuz now they gettin four and a half
Lease a car and make it look like you got more than ya have
And these rappers aint no better they just sayin whatever
Will me and 50 work this shit out?
Naaw i aint sayin never
But i will say now i'm on a whole 'nother level
From the music to the business to the ghetto.


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