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I don't want wings, i just wanna see ? that mean a ? been formed, the devil cannot come in between. for real, give me that ?or? this.

After all the pain and tears i feel ?, i didn't go nowhere, i didn't go nowhere. after all the lies and ways they tried to hurt me, i didn't go nowhere, i didn't go nowhere.

Been through the pain, been through the struggle, been through the rain, made it out tha jungle, and i'm ?? for it all. the blessings and the curses, the triumph and the failures, the lessons and the ??, the best and the wosest, yet to be seen, and based on what i've been through, i don't know what that means, but whatever it's gon be its gon be good cause i know god, and knowing me, it's gon be hood, cause i go hard.


Let me walk you through the darkness, walk you to the light, walk you through the hardest, fights of your life, walk you to the good times, walk you through the struggle, ?walk you through? it all, just because i love you. hug you when you need me to, stowed you when i have to, teach you what i got to, the devil's tryin to get at you, so i have to let em grab you, but even if he does i'll be right there, to help, get em off just because.


Before i was born, you was right there, even after i'm gone, you'll be right there, and whenever it's on, you'll be right there. i make it through the storm, cause you'll be right there x2


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