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Date de parution : 15/04/2015

Durée : 0:03:25

Style : Alternative

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Didn't i? (x3)

Didn't i treat you right, now?
Didn't i do the best i could?
Didn't i give you everything?
I tried my best just to be your man.

I bought you diamond rings,
Everything that a woman could need.
I bought you cars, clothes, a home when things were rough for me.
I kept on
Instead i'm back again.

Is there something wrong with you?
Tell me all your troubles, dear.
Oh, you look bad, should be glad
You need a man, always be glad to sit at home
And let me kiss ...

Oh, didn't i do it baby?
Didn't i do it right?
Mmh, why'd you wanna leave me baby?
I said, didn't i treat you right? treat you right?

Said i tried my best just to be your man.
Girl i tried my best just to be your man.
Tried my best just to be your guy. (x2)

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