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1st verse:

Didn't i...give my love.
Didn't i...keep my word.
Didn't i...keep you laced; drop my cash in this place.
Didn't i...give my heart.
Didn't like stars
Didn't i...spend my checks; kept you first; gave my best.
Didn't you...want big things
Didn't i...give my ring
Didn't i...give my hand, take a stand, like a man
Didn't we...make these plans
Didn't i...take this chance.

But it all seems it was for nothing, it seems like...


I need somebody; not just anybody...
Someone to love.
I need a woman; not just a baby's mama...
Someone to love.
I need a holy matrimony...
Someone to love.
Got enough problems; hope the lord will send me
Someone to love.

2nd verse:

Didn't i...have your back
Didn't i...forget your past
Didn't i...push my whips; let you ride...pack your shit.
Didn't i...wpend my loot
Everyday...down for you
Didn't your check, while i worked, and you laughed.
Didn't you...claim your heart
Didn't you...break our trust
Try to stay, while you played. you never loved me anyway
Didn't i...give my best; but i guess i didn't know.

It all went down for nothing, it seems like...


3rd verse:

What you see ain't always what you get.
Gotta always settle for less, gonna put my head in check.
And i'm out here on these streets, trying to hustle for you and me.
Did you have my back for sure?
Hell no...hell no


I need somebody...not just anybody...
Someone to love.
Can i get an amen, yeah.
Somebody...oh, yeah.
Can i get an amen, yeah.
Do you feel me.? do you feel like i feel?
Have you ever loved somebody?
7 lonely years, yeah.
I gave my heart; i gave my mind; i gave time.
But i just can't get respect; no i just can't get respect.
And it all went down for seems like.

Well, well.
Well, well.
Well, well.
Well, well.

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