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Die! die! die for me!
Die! die! die for me!

What the hell is going on
Try to run, i've got blood on my tongue
All your filth and all your mess
Will collapse and bury your excessiveness
Put the finger on the trigger
I'll blow you up making me bigger
A hatchet your head my rage a fissure
My loss is your pleasure

I'm gonna find you
I'm gonna fight you
I'm gonna slit you
I'm gonna kill you

Take my life, take my soul
But i will never let you go
Take my love, take my hope
But i will

I can't expect to see you in chains
Cause you'll never feel what it means to me
All my anger i'm setting free
To deal with this fucking vacuity
Pyromaniac i'm burning down your life
Watch the butcher, who is whetting his knifes
I lean back and enjoy the show
Spitting on the rest, then i'll let you go

My epileptic eyes wanna fix
Wanna hurt someone
All they can see
Is the breath in the air
In panic shaking hands try to catch
Try to choke someone
Hate that i feel
Cause i know you are near
Die! die! die for me!

Take my pride, dig a hole
Take everything i have ever known
Tear me down, break it all
But i will ...

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