Paroles de Die gedken sind frei (thoughts are free)

Brazilian Girls

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Die gedanken sind frei
I make great big futzies
My tuchis emits blasts
Of gas from the ass
It smells of the past
But it cannot last
Dissipates fast
Die gedanken sind frei
My blummis is spauern
I love to scream blummis
When others are showerin
The flowers you sent
Have stems that are bent
Hitler was brennt
And bush is a putz
When mccain chose that palin
The republinazis were wailin'
Soon she'll be bailin'
And her lies will be failin'.

I love to make book
On horses that look
Fast but i'm a crook
And your money i'll took.
So please don't cook
Hotzie totzies in the nook

Die gedanken sind frei

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