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To See You Broken

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Mom always said not to look at freshly bloodied wounds while she bandaged; looking would only make it worse. my security ambushed, all safety shattered, my smile replaces, replaced with screams. this body is reduced to nothing- but a receptacle for madenss, for hate, used and left destroyed. forced entry, forced penetration, no reverberation from silent eyes. i am left alone after i have fied. you walk away unscathed. alone, mortifies, and desecrated i will be your undoing! i died screaming. i died screaming. now you'll die screaming. millions share my waking death, my anger rages. you have no escape. we have not been destroyed we will not be denies. your illusions of power are fading; and you'll die screaming. are these wounds mom said not to look at? see the depth of penetration a thrust can produce... and mom didnt know these wounds like she knew skinned knees. you're dead.

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