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Now don't try to point fingers or laugh at a man who popped a million pills
Because i can come right back and make you frown since i got a stack of bills
I've been clean for 2 years and no thoughts of turning back
To the time period where i looked like a smoked crack
My girls are the only ones that matter
So haters just quit the fuckin chatter
Adrenaline rushing at another level
So cut the shit and stop competing with these pussy devils
Writers block took the most outta me
So im gunna release hell on this game undoubtedly
My ex turned lesbian so she no longer wants to fuck me
Approach her abruptly so eat a motherfuckin pussy till u reach the point of gluttony
It ain't about the chains or the fame i never would of came in this game if it wasn't for the lifestyle
That i had wanted to hold a knife while havin anything i could
No one is the same so i would never change if i could

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