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Ensemble: ahh.
Ensemble: use your past, use your pain, never ever try to entertain. let stanislavski be your umbrella.
Arthur miller: mumble your words.
Ensemble: unless they're "stella!" use justification, improvisation, plus some emotional masturbation.
Arthur miller: visitor from the western coast!
Ensemble: can you dig it?

Marilyn: i dig it the most! i'm through with hollywood, its new york and the actor's studio for me. and if any of those boys from hollywood come a callin', you can tell them i said this. in history there's this doctrine called monroe. which basically told the enemy where to go. it was created to nurture and protect, but now a new monroe doctrine is in effect. so go tell mr. zanuck to read it and weep. cause i'm not just here to dig, i'm here to dig deep. from the 20th century fox holds and released. and just like the sun, i'm rising in the east. i made a move from that permanent state of sadness, to prove there's a method to my madness. i'm waking up from the 20th century, sleep. yeah i'm not just here to dig, i'm here to dig deep. well there aint' no sin to remove your skin, and to take a look under the hood, where you must dispel, the outer shell, though you gotta admit my shell looks good.
Ensemble member: your tearing me apart!
Marilyn: i'll finally get to use my minds interior. and not only just my bust and my posterior. cause it's true in a self you can't avoid.
Ensemble: and were just nuts about sigmund freud!
Marilyn: so open up my head for a good clean sweep. cause i'm not just here to dig. no, i'm not just here to dig. (ensemble repeats opening lines) oh, i'm not just here to dig. i'm here to dig, deep.

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