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Corb Lund

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Dig, dig, gravedigger
Dig, gravedigger, dig
Work that shovel with vigor, gravedigger
Before rigor mortis sets in, dig
Dig, dig, gravedigger
Dig, gravedigger, dig
That big old hole just keeps gettin bigger
So dig, gravedigger, dig
He dont mind the cadavers, he dont mind human remains
He got no problem sleepin at night, aint nothin a little whiskey wont tame
I asked about ghosts and spirits, i asked him if he ever got spooked
I asked him if he ever gets haunted by souls, but he reckons that he buries them, too
Nah, he aint bothered by corpses, hell, hell plant stiffs all day
See, hes on a some kinda piecework deal, he gets paid by the grave
He could be makin more money, he could be out workin the rigs
But he says he dont really like no company, he says hed rather just dig
Gravedigger, he got secrets, he told me as he lit up a cig
He says you gotta watch you dont badger the hole when youre cutting through the roots and the twigs
Hell work right through in the darkness, then hell stop and hell take him a swig
Drive by the right time of the night you might find him in the moonlight doin a jig

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