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Diggy Simmons

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Live from the apple
Slicing the american pie
With dope lyrics
Watch me get america high
By your appearance i can get a glimpse of your vibe
They say you are what you wear, i am yves saint laurent
Mixing martin margiella
Catch me at the montreyon
Fella i'm getting money thats why you all jealous
This ain't a rap song, this is a rap psalm
Immaculate so i'ma be the first to cast on
In kindergarten i was filling out my tax form
While my other class mates was learning jimmy crack corn
? how can i go broad, riding shot gun with lupe through chicago hood
Hat tilted to the side like a gd bumping a pac cd
Picture me rollin' holla when you see me
This easy sorta like my abc's
And i'll take another ? nigga 1,2,3
Know my name when i spell, it's d-i two g's
Rather die before i'm telling see i'm too g

Digg is like
Life or death
I'm a rebel
My poetry's deep i never fell
Digg is like
Half man half amazing
Digg is like
Life or death
I'm a rebel
My poety's deep i never fell
Digg is like
Half man half amazing

It's the return of the light skin
Okay alright then
The king on my name is separated by a hyphen
Looking at my breitling it's about that time
Stunting like a badboy out the porsche just shine
Gotta rap like a peda stomp a rat in front of pedo
When its comes to cooking heaters i'm a baker like i need her
Can't come up ? like a phone off the receiver
I know you're all eager to see me compete with bieber
Not knowing that's my homie, we chilling kicking our feet up
Don't do business with a worker so direct me to your leader
In a few years i'll be the chairman of ?, warner, elektra, atlantic, re-up
And when i go watch the money go pre-nup
We going hard in the paint nigga d-up
Try to bring the heat and you'll still lose if ya'll team up
This is for my fly niggas jetsetters we are


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