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No one to know how i feel for you.

This relationship hidden redevous.

If someone finds out then i'll be gone.

But remember our love is just too strong to let go.

As easy as it came our heart will fall apart.

It will never be the same.

Without you i'll surely die.

Of a broken heart and endless tears from my eyes.


Whisper to me whisper that you care.

Tell me that you love me that you'll always be there.

And i'll whisper to you.

Whisper so you'll know that i love you.

And i'll never let you go.

An unknown romance.

True lovers without gain..

Two hearts as into twine.

With no one is to blame.

How long can we hide.

What's it all about.

Sooner or later they'll find out.

That we have this secret love affair.

What they need to know.

Why should they ever really care.

If i love you and you love me.

Then will share our hearts for all eternity.


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