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Michael Shelly

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Your style is so amazing i want you
And everything you do got's me chasing after you
I never felt like this im so confused
I want you callin locked down all on you

I love your style you rockin' that hat girl
Mrs independent you counting them stacks girl
If i aint never thought i'd feel like this
Your everything i want if i made that wish

Digital love x's 6

Look even though i've never seen you before
You stay on my mind i stay crashing like a meteior
I just want to meet you, see you, you live so far away
I stay counting days till me & you can fly away
Hold you, hug you, kiss you, touch you
Late nights ichat i aint tryna bug you
But you are so beautiful
I am so pittafull
On the macbook baby you are so digital



(verse 3)
I never met you in my life but i think im in love
Just the thought of your touch girl i cant get enough
I wish i could fly to your city and hang out with you
But i know thats just a dream that wont come true


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