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Date de parution : 13/09/2011

Durée : 0:03:37

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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I dreamed up the maps
Give me charcoal and the paper now.
We invent paths they cannot see
And they're to scared walk.
Between my hands rests 52 plain old playing cards
And i trapped god somewhere between
The trump and the kind of hearts.

Joni mitchell said "we are stardust
We are golden" we are all the same.
Blood paints the story of our love
Across the bathroom floor towards the drain.

Funny how everything just piles up till one day
You can't believe how far you came.
I'm made of mountains made of metal
Made of whiskey and waves!
You won't believe your own breath
When the bold words finally escape your mouth.
Keep your secrets hidden
Till we're certain of just what we've found.
Yeah they bleed just like us
But our calling is what shapes us now.
We won't be held back won't be tied up
We won't be pinned down not now.

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