Paroles de Dimming the light

Grim Skunk

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Date de parution : 01/01/2006

Durée : 0:04:25

Style : Alternative

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Did you ever have a good friend
Slowly passing away
Telling him that it won't be the end
Just a brand new day

The hourglass is all that remains
As time devours you
Tainted blood that flows through your veins
There's nothing you can do
But i say i don't want our love to fade out

Don't wanna fade out
And i pray that one day we'll find a way out
No pain no more
Living in a one-man war

Face the truth with tears in your eyes
Helpless to save you
Damned be our mortal design
Losing my faith
But i swear that one day we'll find a way out

We'll find a way
Gather all your pride
Head for a new life
To the other side
Fly forever more

Slowly dim the light
To wither then to die

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