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Johnny Cash

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Dinosaurs lived a long time ago
They were terrible lizards, don't you know?
Some ate plants and some ate meat
Some ate fish and some ate beasts

One was called diplodocus
One was bigger than your school bus
One was called a triceratops
Three horns to stop anything that hops

Now can't you just see yourself walking along
Leading your pet trachadon or feeding your brontosaurus rex?
Or scratching your diplodocus neck
Or riding on a stegosaurus back or swimming in a brachiosaurus track

Oh what a time and oh what a fun
Play and tag with your iguanondon
And if we had dinosaurs
Now could they get along with a horse and a cow?

Well, i wish they hadn't become extinct
Dinosaurs would be nice pets and friends
To have around to run outside
And play with everyday, don't you think?

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