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Met a creep who gets things done,
He told me i’m the number one
He knew hours in the sand
I knew he was fucking bent
He embraced me like a friend
Told me all his mindless bands
I was interest, what the hell,
Where i come from ain’t much to tell.

Stealing all the way i feel
As i signed the dirty deal.

System leaked the favorite crooks,
He won’t find out as soon it brooks
It’s not cook the aftermath
To sign one he don’t understand.
Guys found out and that’s alright
Contract’s starting, then the night
And when truth is violent
There ain’t new on a chain events.

Once you’re in there’s no appeal
You signed the dirty deal.

Beware, beware!
Dirty, it’s dirty.

Once you’re in there’s no appeal
You signed the dirty deal.

Beware, beware.

Let the lame on story down people
I was a dummy, not a clown, people.
I get it hard to be around people.

Welcome to the real world
Where trouble loves are pretty blur
Your compound nutry’s drifted scum
Right your blood into the blums
Simple people praise the lord
Smarter people steal hoard
If i was the president
I couldn’t change their ego glance.

Stealing all the way i feel
I signed the dirty deal.

Dirty, it’s dirty,
It’s dirty, it’s dirty out there.

The way i feel is i signed the dirty deal
Beware, beware.
Dirty deal, dirty deal.

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