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Date de parution : 02/12/2008

Durée : 0:03:45

Style : Reggae

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Tell me baby girl where did you sleep last night
While i was moping around
Wondering without a sheep in sight

Bout the way your body moves
Smooth touch with his caress
From the ripples on your nipples to the freckles on your chest

Tell me lady love how could you sleep at night
While your conscience firmly whistled
Were you up all night

Or was your salted whore-drenched sweat
Enough to clear your mind
Scratching on his chest
Thieving swift our times

I could walk a thousand times
Wrapped around my thoughts
Avoiding our demise

Cant help but feel uneasy
This feeling is so uneasy
Cant help but feel uneasy
This feeling is so uneasy

Why do you catch an attitude
I was waiting around for you
Things always seem to go one way
And i don't need this
But i cant fight it

Tell me dirty girl how could you sleep at night
With his smell upon your chest and his
Stench from holding you tight

I wont sleep alone through another moon
I wont soak in his cologne
Im not your fool

Things always seem so easy
To turn away from

Every time im singing his
You're sinning i cant seem to turn away
From the one thing i must run away from

I'm tired of these lies
And this stupid compromise
Do you realize girl when you're breathing down my neck

And its hard to tell the truth
When i try to let you go
You cry me a river
And beg me not to go

But i need a friend
Someone there with their own life
Only to be a friend
Not worried about emotions getting caught and tied

My eyes they stumble
To keep me from falling down
Down down down
With my head from off the ground

Something is coming around my way
And i just cant be tied down baby
Good things are coming around my way
And i got to let you go

I cant seem to walk

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