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I was looking 'round my space
As i checked out (whoa) every case
Lovely lillies walking straight
Every one i would like to mate

Then you came right before me
You gave off that scent along with your heat
We talked long enough to go back to my car
Resist at first but we've gone too far

You lustful little witch
You're my dirty little bitch
I know you want me badly
I can satisfy your itch
You lustful little witch
You're my dirty little bitch
I'll let you call me daddy
While i beat you with my switch!

Ooh! oh oh. pop that ass
Look so fine and you talk so crass
Walkin right in front of me knowin' what your doin'
Get me in the mood for a little bit of screwin'

Ooh! oh oh. where can we go?
There's camera's everywhere and they want to see a show
Your jeans are slipping off down to your feet
I know you won't mind when i sample your treat



Aiyai-yai you swallowed me whole
The way that you are it had to be your goal
So i punish you some more with the long slow and hard
You beg for me to come and i say "it's not far!"

Aiyai-yai everything is hot
Pump your body full open that slot
This is not the end no it's not the last
Next time i see you i'm gonna split your...

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