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Date de parution : 17/04/1995

Durée : 0:02:19

Style : Alternative

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The harder i struggle, the tighter you grip, but don't need to tell you, =
That's the way i want it, i'm easy to follow, you're easy to spot, i bet =
I can shake you off, but i gotta want it. what good are the times that i =
Catch you alone? it took eternity and i forgot what i wanted, what good =
Are the times that i take you to task? you get me distracted and i =
Forget that i'm mad. i'm up on the counter, you're down on the floor, =
The kitchen is dirty, pots and pans are flying, no food in the cupboard, =
A knock on the door, let's give it a rest now, buy a beer at the corner =
Store. i'm going to bed now dear but you still want more, and every =
Single word you say i've heard before, oh, you're an angel when you're =
In recline, and like an anxious fist my lullabye works fine. lullabye =
And goodnight, ain't that a great song? you're an angel in recline, =
Please go to bed dear, please go to bed dear, please.
Submitted by: mel

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