Paroles de Dirty luv

L.a. Guns

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Date de parution : 01/11/1995

Durée : 0:04:3

Style : Rock

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Come on everybody i'm back in town
Gonna bring you up, gonna shake you down
Gonna set you up to another place
Gonna wipe that smile back on your face

I'm calling all the home girls in l.a.
I've got some thing good, gonna come your way
All the fine girls from old times square
I love your style and savor faire

Don't want your conversation
Don't want to talk about trust
I want excitation
I want your dirty luv, dirty luv

Come on, little baby, i love your stuff
I'd die for you, can't get enough
I'm a back door lover in a limousine
I'll show you streets you've never seen

I'll do you baby, do you good
On the trunk and on the hood
Take it faster, take it faster
Call me slave or call me master

Don't want conversation
Or the stars above
Just gimme some stimulation
And a slice of your dirty luv, dirty luv
I'm watchin' you, dirty luv

Oh come on, baby, come on, love
My sweet baby got the stuff

Don't want your complications
Or the stars above
Just gimme some stimulation
I want a slice of your dirty luv
Dirty luv, i'm watchin' you
Dirty luv, dirty luv

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