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John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers

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Well i don't need you hangin' round my door
Tryin' to drag me back down to the shore
And i ain't gonna drink your dirty water no more
Well i got wet from my head down to my legs
And i drank dirty water down to the dregs
But i won't do it again i don't care who begs

Dirty water, now what's that for
Dirty water, i ain't drinkin' no more
I ain't drinkin' no more

You got a lie underneath your tongue where it
Can't be seen
And you want to put the truth on guillotine
But you might as well put out a fire with gasoline
Well you can serve dirty water from a golden cup

You can try to lock up the truth but the door won't shut
'cause the truth just keeps comin' out like blood from a cut


You can try to sweeten dirty water up with grenadine
But i can still read you just like a magazine
And i ain't gonna drink no more till the water runs clean


Baby you got the kind of love that i can't afford
And i don't have a taste for what's in that glass you poured
Now i ain't gonna drink that dirty water no more

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