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Brotha Lynch Hung

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Date de parution : 05/02/2013

Durée : 0:03:19

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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They disappeared, no cod
Don't trust nobody, this shit is weird
This shit is real, i have to own it
At any moment, they could be on me
They have to die, at least in my eyes
I'm so surprised, i open my eyes
I seen it all, they think i ball
I'll never fall, now stand tall
(verse 1:)
Them bodies gon' disappear
I'm a rip 'em in half, gettin' the last word in
I'm a sit in the back of the car at her job
When she get in car, i'm a attack her jaw
I'm a cut up the face and put her on the face and
Walk out the house with a machete like jason
Kill her whole family, botox facelift
Nobody, no case, nobody, no face
Barbecue, cold case, i'm a rape your taste
I mean, i'm a rape your mouth, bitch! i'm a take guts out
And i'm a put 'em in the oven, yeah, i'm a heat that (?)
And (?), i'm a hold up the plate like, "bitch, you late"
(verse 2:)
We own neighborhoods like speed bumps, nigga
And i got that bloody face, sippin' on that (?), nigga
And you want that season, nigga, where is that season, nigga?
I'm a misfit and i spit shit like i just got the fever, nigga
And i stay lit like michael (?)
Plus, i smoke like a chimney, enemies get
Fuck all the hatred
Even if these niggas is steadily
These niggas is
They don't wanna get in the ring with ali
I might be leavin' 'em bleedin', no i.d.

Nigga, i

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