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Bad Astronaut

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Date de parution : 15/10/2002

Durée : 0:04:26

Style : Alternative

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I'm comin' home, i'm not bound anymore
On the brink of nothin', i'm just startin' somethin'

I am dog boy, overwhelmed, unemployed
An arsenal of outbursts but i'm just sayin' it first

I don't want to lose everything that we grew
I'm not cuttin' you down, i'm just carryin' the axe

Knowin' it's half bad, knowin' it's a little sad
And there's blood on our hands
I hate this
No one at the wheel, everyone is here to feel

I'm comin' home, we aren't sound anymore
I can't build a purpose in this falling structure

I'm not tearin' it down, i just can't find the sound
I'm disarming the bomb before it goes off

Knowin' it's half bad, knowin' it's all smilin' sad
And the gun in my hand is empty
I am mr. guilt
Everyone is here to feel

I thank you all so much for my next trick
Next trip, drive home


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