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From the heart of europe we marched
Down to the cities of the holy land
We pledged our lives to serve the cross
To guard the secrets of the temple's vault

We dressed in white and warlike red
A few noble knights of purest soul
Armed with cold steel and fiery hearts
Infidel dogs we slayed with wrath

We seeked the wisdom of the gods
Through moslim texts, catharian codes
And zoroastric formulas
To the feverish writings of st. john

We hold the grail, the blood of christ
The dead sea scrolls revealed the truth
We felt the hypocrisy of the church
Lies and corruption spread by paul

We turned our backs to king and pope
We spit the cross, symbol of pain
Like real sons of james the just
We did disown the law of +god+

They hunt us down, they took our homes
Comrades lost, tortured to death
As our last grand master screamed inflamed
In baphomet's name we shall return

Knights of the temple, guardians of the flame
Warriors and wizards, the dragon's way
Keepers of the grail

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